PSE Shootdown 2018

Beställningsvara! Target Series
Höger / Vänster:
11.795,00 kr

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Tillverkare: PSE
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Target Series

The next evolution of the performance target bow has arrived with the 2018 PSE Shootdown™. Developed on a new caged riser design for unbelievable shot stability and hold, the Shootdown™ is powered by PSE’s new SE cam and LAS Wedge Lock Pockets, delivering true center-pull technology with amazing tuning capabilities.

• PSE's stiffest non-shootthrough design riser to date.
• Wide track limbs for a stable shot.
• Improved limb alignment adjustment system.
• Smooth draw cycle.
• Highly adjustable draw length without a cam change.
• Updated cable guard system.
• Available in selection of attractive, durable anodized colour options.

Material: 7075 Aluminium
Axle to Axle: 37"
Bracing Height: 7"
Mass Weight: 4.7lbs
Let off: 75%-65%
Draw length options:  26"-31.5"
Speed rating:  ATA: 334  IBO: 326 
Cam:  SE Evolve Cam.
Limb:  Wide Track
Target Finish:  Anodized